Shape Up Greene

Members $45 | Non-members $65

January 27-31 – initial weigh-ins and start of competition (classes begin 31st)

February 24-27 – Final Weigh-ins and end of competition

The EQT REC Center’s “Shape up Greene!” is a community-based male and female percentage of body weight loss competition that encourages a healthier lifestyle. You will receive exclusive group exercise classes, and an additional weekly workout, to help you achieve your overall goals! Shape Up Greene will last 6 weeks with the winners (both male and female) receiving the following prizes.

First place –> 5 months of Membership at EQT REC Center

Second place –> 3 months of Membership at EQT REC Center

Third place –> 1 month of Membership at EQT REC Center

You can join in 2 (two) exclusive “Shape Up Greene!” group exercise classes per week. If you attend all 12 classes (2/week), you will be entered to win a free month!

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