Active Seniors

When seniors exercise regularly in a group setting, they gain the social interaction, motivation, and the physical benefits necessary to stay active and engaged in their community.

EQT REC Center offers the following programs for our senior members:

Silver Sneakers.® As a Silver Sneakers Partner, EQT REC Center programming incorporates the Silver Sneakers line of classes, developed to maintain fitness and health through cardio, yoga, flexibility and stability exercises. Silver Sneakers is built for seniors, to enhance their everyday lives and keep them in motion. Join Silver Sneakers now.

Chair Exercise. Protect joints and prevent falls using seated exercise in this low-impact format. Movement is an essential protective factor as we age, and Chair Exercise is the perfect way to keep moving—and stay healthy—for any fitness level.

Balance Programs. Balance is an essential part of fall prevention. This evidence-based program focuses on keeping core and other supporting muscles toned to reduce fall risk and keep seniors active and healthy.

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