The connection between a healthy mind and a healthy body is complex, and no one understands that more than our Mind/Body specialists. Our 4 Pillars speak to the interconnectedness of Mindset, Nutrition, Movement, and Recovery: no one pillar stands alone. Mind/Body programs are meant to bring them together in a way that speaks to wellness of the whole person.

At EQT REC Center, we offer:

Perhaps the original mind/body exercise, Yoga brings the spiritual element to fitness using ancient techniques designed to help center and focus the practitioner using breath control and specific postures in a meditative setting. Some forms of Yoga move faster than others, but all convey the benefits of heightened mind/body awareness and movement:

Core strength through bodyweight movements
Flexibility through strengthening and focused stretching moves
Stress reduction through whole-body breath awareness

Taking controlled and focused movement to the core, Pilates builds body awareness through either mat-based or machine-based workouts that strengthen and add flexibility without bulk. Pilates workouts offer benefits that include:

Better balance and ease of movement
Flexibility and a strong core
Improved posture
Mindfulness of movement

Massage is essential for recovery and improved mindset. Let our licensed massage therapists personalize your massage plan to support proper recovery with the following treatments:

Relaxation Massage. Provides a soothing and stress-relieving treatment that aids the lymphatic system, helping foster a positive mindset and recovery from the stresses of everyday life.

Therapeutic Massage. Targets specific goals using various techniques designed to aid natural recovery processes while providing stress relief in a relaxing environment. Therapeutic massage techniques are tailored to your goals, and may include reflexology and/or deep tissue.

Sports Massage Pre-Post. Eases the amount of muscular stress caused by physical activity and exercise, and speeds recovery before or after intense workouts or athletic performances. Perfect for those just getting started with a fitness routine, or for athletes at any level who need a faster recovery to improve performance.

Ask your massage therapist which massage will work best for your specific needs, and how frequently you may need to schedule massage sessions. Schedule your massage appointment today.