Meet the Team

The management and fitness team at EQT REC Center has been hand-selected to provide our members with a welcoming and fitness-focused environment that encourages personal growth in a supportive atmosphere.

Mia Matos - General Manager

Mia Matos – General Manager

Beth Stoneking – Member Service Manager

Beth Stoneking – Operations Manager

Meghan Riccuiti – Child Care Lead

Meghan Riccuiti – Child Care Lead

Melissa Beabout, Personal Trainer

Bryan Washington – Fitness Manager

Bryan Washington – Fitness Manager

Kayla Coss

Kayla Coss – Member Service Manager

Louie Pellegrini – CPT / Exercise Specialist

Louie Pellegrini – Personal Training Supervisor

Marcie Kiger, Massage Therapist

Amy Tustin – Youth Program Manager