Young Adult-Men’s Basketball League

5 on 5 format

Registration: Now

Closes: June 12th

Mandatory Players’ Meeting: June 14th@ 6:30pm

Starts: June 19th

Ends: August 7th

Cost/Team: $150 (+$30 per game for officials)

Maximum number of players per team is 8.

Ages: 20+

The EQT REC Center is hosting a Men’s Basketball League that will start June 19th. There will be 5 weekends (off July 3rd/4th) scheduled to play round-robin format for seeding placement. Only the top four teams will advance into the playoffs. Playoffs and Championship will both be held on August 7th. Each team, prior to each game, will pay $30 to offset the cost of state-certified officials. Each team can have up to the maximum of 8 players. You may include athletes from Jr. High and up to participate on your team. Only the captain needs to register, but please provide your roster information in the comments section during registration.

For more information, please contact the Sports and Rec Manager, Janice Tennant; 724-627-2739 ext. 104 or