Strength and Conditioning Classes

Strength and Conditioning
This hour-long class is fast-paced and offers a unique blend of strength and endurance training, as well as aerobic and anaerobic conditioning. We can use dumbbells and body bars to increase the difficulty level, or modify all movements to meet participants at their fitness level. This is a boot camp-style class that is sure to increase your heart rate for a full body workout! Please arrive at least 5 minutes before class to set up equipment.

Glutes and Guts
Get ready to change the look of your lower body and midsection with Glutes and Guts. The first half of class focuses on building shapely glutes and legs by raising the heart rate and engaging the lower body. The second half of class is all about developing and increasing core strength. We encourage you to work at your own pace and modify all movements as you work on getting stronger.