About Us

EQT REC Center represents the realization of a dream for Greene County. Built on a foundation of community support and funded by the Greene County Memorial Hospital Foundation, this revolutionary total community wellness center is like none other. EQT REC Center:

  • Provides quality, technologically advanced fitness facilities, equipment, and programming.
  • Educates our community with forward-thinking programming and events.
  • Facilitates recreational activities and sports programs for all ages.
  • Brings together families and community groups in a spirit of wellness.

EQT REC Center was built to be a focal point of the community and a source of pride for Greene County, and it shows. The EQT REC Center utilizes a highly acclaimed approach centered on delivering measurable results through personalized and integrated programs for our members.

This approach is founded on the following 4 Pillars:


Before you can set a goal and begin the necessary work to achieve it, you must have a full understanding of what it requires and how to accomplish it.


Food must be seen as fuel for the body and brain. Fueling cuts through the latest diet marketing hype and focuses on the consumption of the foods that are best for our bodies.


There is a difference between incidental and structured movement you must understand. Both are essential for wellness, weight management, and vitality.


The mind and body repair, recharge, and upgrade during rest. Recovery strategies must be employed throughout each day, week, month, and year.