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Sports Recreation Programs at EQT Rec Center

The EQT REC Center, Sports and Recreation department provides programming and recreational sports opportunities for children ages 5 to 18 in a safe, secure, and supervised environment. While we offer opportunities for our children, we also like to include our young adults and seniors.EQT REC Center

Within the Sports and Recreation department, we have a full-size basketball court that includes, 2 pickleball courts, 2 short basketball courts, and a standard size volleyball court. With the court, we have 6 hoops and a center divider. We also house a beautiful turf field that is lined for a standard indoor soccer field, flag football and field hockey. Our department utilizes both the court and field for multiple sports and recreational events.

While we are continually growing in our sports and recreation department, we currently facilitate leagues, tournaments, clinics, and camps. They are as follows:

For recreation, our members have access to the following for pick-up games: (non-organized sports)

If you would like to join or have access to our different sports and recreational equipment, organized league, and/or have questions, Please contact our sports and recreation director, ​ Meghan Ricciuti, [email protected] or 724.627.2739

Discover Thrilling Sports and Recreation Programs at EQT REC Center

Dive into the vibrant world of sports recreation programs at EQT REC Center! Our Sports and Recreation department provides an array of programming and recreational opportunities catering to children aged 5 to 18, as well as young adults and seniors, all in a safe and supervised environment.

Our facility boasts a full-size basketball court featuring pickleball and short basketball courts, along with a standard volleyball court. Additionally, our beautiful lawn field is adaptable for various sports, such as indoor soccer, flag football, and field hockey.

We take pride in our diverse offerings, including leagues, tournaments, clinics, and camps covering basketball, volleyball, golf, softball, baseball, soccer, and flag football. For those looking for recreational fun, our members have access to a range of activities for pick-up games like badminton, corn-hole, bocce ball, frisbee golf, flag football, whiffle ball, dodgeball, and kickball.

If you’re interested in joining our sports programs, accessing recreational equipment, or have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our Sports and Recreation Director, Meghan Ricciuti, at [email protected] or 724.627.2739. Be a part of the excitement and camaraderie at EQT REC Center’s Sports and Recreation programs!